The first APB night wrapped up with a great start of Light Heavyweights and TKOs by Heavyweights

The Light Heavyweights (81kg) delivered an incredible show on their first AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) Pre-Ranking night of Week one in Sofia, Bulgaria, while the performance of Heavyweights (91kg) in Rome wrapped up the APB night in Rome with a Technical Knock-Out by the local superstar Clemente Russo.

The first fight of Light Heavyweight involved Oybek Mamazulunov of Uzbekistan and EhsanRouzbahani of Iran.

The Iranian boxer – who has gained a lot of followers since he became one of the key boxers of Kazakhstan’s Astana Arlans Franchise, was hitting really hard all the way. His opponent was always coming forward returning blow for blow with his hands up. Their action resulted in a super explosive and high paced fight

The second fight took place between Joseph Kennedy St Pierre from Mauritius and the German Serge Michel and offered the Bulgarian audience slow paced but still very exciting action.

The German boxer was clearly more active in the ring while his opponent was delivering heavy punches hoping for a perfect opportunity for knock-out. Michel was impressing with his continuous combinations with left body hook and left and right uppercuts followed a hard straight right, which seemed to be his favourite move. St Pierre found his rhythm only in the third round, taking advantage of his head movement, but the volume of punches from his opponent was much higher, and this is certainly why the Mauritius boxer did not managed to overcome the German bulldozer.

The next fight of the night brought together Kazakh Adilbek Niyazymbetov and French Mathieu Bauderlique. Niyazymbetov, who is well known to the boxing audience for his silver London 2012 record had an advantage as he was greatly supported by the local audience, which was cheering him on throughout the bout.

The boxers were not taking too many risks and Bauderlique was getting stronger and stronger as the rounds kept going on and he was looking for a KO. That was the high level technical fight of the night, which ended up with a victory on points for a Frenchman.

The last fight of the night between Russian Nikita Ivanov and Irish Joseph Ward offered a lot of excitement to Sofia’s boxing lovers.

Since the very start one could see that the Russian boxer was there for business as he puts his body into the shots. He rocked the Irish boxer with every punch, but did expose himself to a few good hits from Ward.

By the middle of the fight both boxers get tired, but it was clear that Ward has difficulty to keep up with the power of his opponent.

The last 10 seconds of this fight were really explosive as both boxers threw everything in the Russian boxer got a deserved victory.

The last fight of the night took place in Rome showcasing a great performance of APB Heavyweights.

The night brought together eight top-class boxers of the division, who contested in their first pre-ranking match on the way to APB glory.

The night started with a great fight between German Emir Ahmatovic and American Charles Javonta. The German dominated in the first two rounds, and managed to send his opponent in Technical Knockout and get his victory in the first APB challenge.

The second fight brought a victory to the Kazakh boxer Anton Pinchuk who overcame his Argentinian boxer since the very first rounds. After the unanimous decision of the judges Pinchuk will meet on the 21st of November in Bergamo German Ahmatovic and Peralta will meet in the ring American Charles.

The show continued with a performance of Russian Aleksei Egorov who won decisively by unanimous decision against his Algerian opponent Chouaib Bouloudintas.

The culmination of the night was clearly the fight between the Italian superstar Clemente Russo and the Ukrainian Roman Golovashchenko.

The Ukrainian boxer tried to put in difficulty home-cheered Russo, but the match was over after four rounds after the TKO by the Italian boxer.

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