‘Vicious’ Vikas to take on ‘King’ Abaka in India

India is set to host its historic first APB Bout when India’s own Vikas Krishan Yadav and Kenya’s Nickson Abaka will battle it out in the ‘Grand India Place Mall’ in Delhi on Saturday night.

‘Vicious’ Vikas as his fans call him for his seemingly relaxed style but at the same time extremely dangerous and sharp punches is one of the brightest talents that India has ever produced. Having been a Youth World Champion he skyrocketed his career early continuing his march through the ranks in the Elite class collecting medals at almost every tournament he enters. The 2012 Olympian Vikas will face a difficult task in his experienced opponent Nickson Abaka from Kenya. ‘King’ Abaka represented Kenya at the Olympic Games in 2008 and marked his ‘kingdom’ by claiming medals at major international tournaments as well. Abaka with his ‘take-no-prisoners-style’ knows only one direction and that is forward. He will try to push Vikas through the ring with relentless combinations in hope that this will not allow the gifted Indian to unleash the vicious shots he is known for. Fans can expect an epic battle between sheer will and superior skills and talent.

Besides the thousands of spectators on site, 1.3 billion people will have the chance to watch the bout as it will be televised live and nationwide. India has always been the birthplace of formidable fighters and through APB they now have the chance to showcase their abilities on a much bigger stage and take their careers to the next level.