About APB

AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) is an unprecedented, top-class Pro Boxing competition based on individual rankings and introduced by AIBA to showcase the best features of Pro Boxing.The pre-ranking phase, which runs through to January 31 2015, will identify authentic champions in each weight category. For the first time in history, boxing fans will witness a comprehensive, merit-based ranking system in Pro Boxing. In March 2015, the APB program will have its grand opening with the first cycle of competition between these ranked boxers.

At the same time, Rio 2016 will be the first Olympic Games that allows pro boxers to compete. The only way pro boxers can qualify for the Olympic Games in 2016 is the APB competition, which is fully supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The qualification path to the Games will be through competing in the APB program from its launch in 2014 until the APB Olympic Qualifying Events in 2015.

Based on the rankings decided by the seven members of the APB Boxers’ Selection and Ranking Committee, a shortlist of 120 boxers was whittled down to 80 boxers who  initially compete twice over six rounds of three minutes to establish world rankings in each of the ten weight categories. Then, based on these world rankings, each boxer  again fights at least three times over six rounds in the Matches for Champions, with those successful pitted against each other to challenge for the title of APB World Champion, contested over eight rounds.

Some facts about APB

Why the competition is unique in the boxing world:

  • For the first time, boxers with 20 or fewer pro fights will be allowed to compete alongside top-class AOB boxers in a competition that also serves as a qualifying event for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
  •  APB is unique in that it allows a boxer to turn pro and remain under the patronage of their National Federation, and therefore the AIBA, throughout their career. This means that for the first time a boxer can turn professional while still preserving his eligibility to fulfil the honor of representing his country in future Olympic Games and Continental Championships.
  • Boxers are signed to the APB competition on five-year contracts with the AIBA Boxing Marketing Arm (BMA) to compete in APB. Each signed boxer will have a minimum of four guaranteed bouts at an agreed purse and will be able to maximize their training programs and fight schedule throughout the year with a regular match calendar. Additionally, National Member Federations will receive a sum equivalent to a percentage of the revenue earned by their boxers.
  • The event will be showcased internationally and staged around the world with China, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Italy, Azerbaijan, Austria, Algeria, Cuba and Kazakhstan all confirmed as host nations and discussions taking place with other countries.
  • The APB format will see an increase in the number of rounds, providing a chance for only the most resilient boxers to succeed and for them to adapt and adjust their skills to comply with the demands of the competition.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Qualification format

There are a total of 20 quota places for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on offer to boxers who compete in the APB. The champion and challenger from each category in each of the APB World Champion Titles matches, i.e. the top two ranked boxers, will in turn achieve qualification for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Weight CategoryAPB Ranking
46-49 kg2
52 kg2
56 kg2
60 kg2
64 kg2
69 kg2
75 kg2
81 kg2
91 kg2
91+ kg2

Following the enormous success of the WSB, AIBA Pro Boxing is seen as a beacon of continuity to provide a thoroughly beneficial environment for all stakeholders and participants.

The APB event will also provide a platform for a clear and transparent judging system to be practiced, with the employment of full-time Referees and Judges introduced to the competition.

With a clear competition structure based solely on a boxer’s performance in the ring, a secure development path and with protection and financial stability guaranteed, APB represents the most appealing proposal for boxers worldwide.


APB Competition Rules – 01.02.2015

AIBA Anti-Doping Rules – Adopted January 1, 2015


APB Brochure

APB Brochure (English Version)

APB Brochure (Russian Version)