Light Fly Barriga Mark
25 years
AIBA Class

Stance: Southpaw

Career Highlight: London 2012 Olympian

Filipino light flyweight Barriga is a smooth operator who has represented his country in the 2011 World Championships and at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

A relaxed performer whose youthful appearance never betrays a hint of nerves, the slick southpaw is content to fight in bursts and likes to box on the back foot, drawing his opponent in before unleashing spiteful counters in the form of looping uppercuts and snapping short right hooks and then slipping away from danger.

He is an expert practitioner of the defensive shoulder roll, in which he twists his upper body to the rhythm of his opponent’s punches, catching them on his right shoulder or high left hand, taking the sting out of the shots.

In WSB Season IV, Barriga enjoyed a decent campaign with the Italia Thunder and will be itching to parade his tricky boxing talents amongst the best on the APB stage.