Heavy Peralta Yamil Alberto
27 years
AIBA Class


Stance: Orthodox

Career highlight: London 2012 Olympian

Yamil Peralta is a boxer that needs no introduction to World Series of Boxing (WSB) fans. The Argentine has the distinguishable feat of being unbeaten in the WSB and has promised to carry his winning streak through to the APB tournament.

Still incredibly only 23 years old, the man from Buenos Aires has already racked up list of international honours including a prestigious bronze medal in the 2013 World Boxing Championships in Almaty.

Ahead of the APB, Peralta has adopted an intensely rigorous training regime to prepare him for the longer rounds format.

“You just need to train until you drop,” said the Heavyweight in an enthusiastic yet matter-of-fact manner. “I don’t think there is any secret behind it. It is as simple as that. I get up early in the morning and go jogging, after that I do round after round of sparring, and then I go jogging again. That’s the only way.”

The 2011 Pan American Games bronze medallist has said he is ready to “conquer the pro ranks within APB” and is brimming with confidence ahead of the tournament.

“I’m really looking forward to competing in APB! I am pretty confident that I will manage to get the best possible results from this transition. I’ll tell you even more – I really feel ready to win all of my pro fights. This competition helped me to prove to myself that I was ready to go further!” he added.

Precision-perfectionist Peralta also knows just what it means to box at the Olympic Games, having proudly represented his native country at the London 2012 Olympic Games and will be looking to impose his mountainous physique on the heavyweight division in AIBA Pro Boxing.

A quick-fisted fighter who likes to control a fight at distance, Peralta remained unbeaten in WSB with a perfect slate of 8-0 for his native franchise Argentina Condors and ended Season III as the No.1 ranked WSB Heavyweight.

Peralta has a phenomenally high economy rate in his armoury, which comes from an uncanny ability to calculate when to attack that ensures not one punch from the well-built Argentine is wasted. The 2010 South American Games bronze medallist represents one of the most talented and determined boxers in APB.